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Due to unprecedented demand for Weight Lifter Calm many stores are running out of Weight Lifter, our factory is now operating extra shifts to restock stores as fast as is possible. Apologies to our Customers, we hope to catch up on orders by the end of May 2012.
Did you know that there is a bag of Weight Lifter feed sold every 25 seconds in Australia?


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Weight Lifter ® has been formulated to take a new approach to how we feed our horses around the world. We have unlocked the secrets of what is now becoming known as one of the worlds best horse feeds and are now able to manufacture it in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The results speak for themselves. What makes Weight Lifter ® like no other is our specially manufactured cereal meal. No other feed company can do for your horse what our product can, and we have had some astonishing successes.

Weight Lifter ® is hand blended by us at our Yarra Valley base in Australia, our licensee plant in Waterberg South Africa, and from our licencee facilty from Devon in the United Kingdom . We only use the best quality natural ingredients, and our natural fibre bags. We use Hessian bags made from Jute and assemble the Lucerne and Oaten Chaff, Horse Pellets, Cereal Meal and other ingredients from only the best quality suppliers in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Weight Lifter ® is available at many feed stores throughout these countries. If you want it delivered to your nearest Feed store, Contact Us and we will get it there.




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